Benefits of Membership

Why real estate investors should join The Houston RENC – A Member in Good Standing Of The Texas Wealth Network (the largest real estate investment association in Texas!)

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Access to Wholesale Real Estate
  • Access to No Money, No Credit Financing Opportunities
  • Access to the area’s largest Network of Local Buyers, Sellers, & Partners
  • Access to Monthly Best-in-class Local Market Updates
  • Access to Best-in-class Local Training, and Mentoring
  • Access to the area’s top local Vendors and service providers
  • Access to the area’s larger Network of local real estate investor
  • Access to regular presentations and Q/A from a Panel of experts – a who’s who of top real estate investors discussing their take on what’s happening with today’s real estate market
  • Access to monthly deal pitching plus 24/7 deal pitching on our discussion board
  • Access to a highly moderated discussion board – you get all of the information relevant to building your business in Texas
  • Access to the largest state-wide Texas network of real estate investors


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